Club meeting: 25 July 2011

Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, 25 July 2011 at 8:00pm
(doors open 7:30pm) at the Runway’s End Scout Activity Centre.

Tonight’s talk will be the second instalment by Tony Crake G0OVA of his fascinating story 40 Years of BBC History. Tony’s part 1 was very enjoyable and highly informative, so I think we can expect part 2 to be great too.

We’ll meet in Harland Lodge which we have been doing for a few weeks now while the building work continues on site.

For those who have not visited recently,you can find as follows:
Drive over the little bridge (assuming you’re coming from the Aldershot side). There is a car park on the right (before you reach the main gate) to park in (at your own risk, we’re told). Then on foot, cross the road and go back towards the bridge. On the right there is a path going alongside a white sheeted fence. You’ll see the entrance the the building on your right. Got that?! If you managed ok at our last meeting, do keep an eye out for folk who are wandering around lost.

We look forward to seeing you.

73 de Simon, M0XIE