Meeting Programme

Currently, in line with the UK Covid-19 restrictions, the Hog’s Back ARC is only meeting online (See details of our online meetings here: Still meeting – virtually! ). Once restrictions are lifted, meetings will resume at the Crondall Scout Headquarters, and the program will be listed here.

Please register your interest by email and you will be kept informed of updates.

Past Club Programmes

Club Programme for 2013

Date Subject Speaker
07/01/13 Xmas Gadgets & Natter Night You
28/01/13 Yagi antenna design. Mike Parkin G0JMI
11/02/13 Large HF Transmitters Tony Crake G0OVA
25/02/13 Annual General Meeting You
11/03/13 Raspberry Pi Bob Thornton G3WKW
25/03/13 Natter Night You
08/04/13 Arduino & Scratch Programming Roger Howell G0ROG
22/04/13 Fundamentals of CCTV – postponed Simon Lambert M0XIE
13/05/13 Natter Night You
27/05/13 On the Air with HBARC You
10/06/13 ATV with Tony Hornby Tony Hornby

Club Programme for 2012

Date Subject Speaker
09/01/12 Xmas Gadgets & Natter Night You
23/01/12 6m Operating Chris Gare G3WOS
13/02/12 The world of HF Broadcast DXing Rob Hanstock G0LZB
27/02/12 Annual General Meeting
12/03/12 Natter Night You
26/03/12 DXing on 2m with a Funcube Dongle! Paul Whatton G4DCV
09/04/12 Bank holiday (no meeting)
23/04/12 Build a radio-friendly PC on a budget Paul Whatton G4DCV
14/05/12 Death of the Internet Adrian Jones G6VFI
28/05/12 Final natter at RWE!
11/06/12 Return to Crondall venue!
25/06/12 Flexradio – the owner’s view David Simmons G1MAL
09/07/12 On the air 6m/2m/70cm Bring your rig.
23/07/12 Run your car on LPG Kevin Wood G7BCS
13/08/12 Postponed by builders’ works!
27/08/12 Bank holiday (no meeting)
10/09/12 Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems (continued) Paul Palmer
24/09/12 On the air: club’s new HF aerial! Bring your rig.
08/10/12 Collapsible 2-ele Beam Antenna Design Mike Parkin G0JMI
22/10/12 Natter Night and HF antenna testing You.
12/11/12 Junk Sale!
26/11/12 Natter Night and Modulation demo. Bob Head M0RHE
10/12/12 The Good Builder – Part 1. Ken Jones M6AGQ
24/12/12 Christmas Eve (no meeting).

Club Programme for 2011

Date Subject Speaker
10/01/11 Natter Night You
24/01/11 Hog’s On The Air Night You
14/02/11 A basic guide to the PIC Bob Head M0RHE
28/02/11 Annual General Meeting
14/03/11 Natter Night You
28/03/11 3D modeling for the Station Manager Simon Lambert M0XIE
11/04/11 Turning Transistors into Computers Des Howlett G8FIF
25/04/11 TBA
09/05/11 40 Years of BBC History, Part 1 Tony Crake G0OVA
23/05/11 DIY Astronomical Photography John Moore G3OGM
13/06/11 Mobile Phone Technology Kevin Wood G7BCS
27/06/11 The miraculous K9AY loop antenna David Honey M0DHO
11/07/11 Natter Night You
25/07/11 40 Years of BBC History, Part 2 Tony Crake G0OVA
08/08/11 Linear Amp (UK): New Gear Paul Cullen G4KTZ
22/08/11 “M0HAK/M: when hobbies collide” Andy Cunningham M0HAK
12/09/11 Electronics in Motorcycles Adrian Jones G6VFI
26/09/11 Natter Night You
10/10/11 Wind Farm Power Generation Duncan Waghorne G6DPW
24/10/11 Beacon-keeper for GB3VHF Chris Whitmarsh G0FDZ
14/11/11 Junk Sale Auction
28/11/11 40 Years of BBC History, Part 3 Tony Crake G0OVA
12/12/11 TBA
26/12/11 Boxing Day

Club Programme for 2010

Date Subject Speaker
11/01/10 Natter Night
25/01/10 Natter Night 2: Son of Natter Night
01/02/10 Foundation Exam
08/02/10 AGM
22/02/10 On The Air Night
08/03/10 Natter Night
22/03/10 PME and the Amateur Duncan Waghorne G6DPW
12/04/10 Life as a Radio Presenter Paul LeFevre G0DBS
26/04/10 HF Propagation David Honey M0DHO
10/05/10 GEO Francis Bell G7CND
24/05/10 Satellite working Frank M0AEU
14/06/10 Magic of 6m Don Field G3XTT
28/06/10 Psychology of Technology Ali al-Azzawi M0PSI
12/07/10 Robots Nigel Valvona
26/07/10 Life in SW France Paul LeFevre G0DBS
09/08/10 HF Portable Station Pack Paul Cullen G4KTZ
23/08/10 On the Air
13/09/10 On the Air
27/09/10 Robots – Demo and Insight Nigel Valvona
11/10/10 On the Air
25/10/10 Automatical Number Plate Recognition Paul Palmer
08/11/10 Annual junk sale
22/11/10 Natter Night
13/12/10 Quiz Night Paul Whatton G4DCV
27/12/10 No Meeting