OFCOM Forced to reveal the truth about PLT interference

OFCOM has been forced to disclose results of tests it commissioned back in 2008 which show it knew back then that power line transmission (PLT) devices were in breach of the EMC directive.

One of the excuses for inactivity that OFCOM has trotted out in response to complaints about interference suffered by Radio Amateurs, CB’ers and SWLs is that it “Has not found evidence of a breach of the EMC directive”. The reports it has disclosed reveal, in the first sentence of the executive summary, that it has been sitting on, yet denying, precisely that evidence since September 2008.

The revelation comes thanks to a UKQRM member who persisted as far as taking OFCOM to a tribunal after it refused initially to answer his freedom of information act requesting that they reveal the results of testing they have carried out on PLT devices.

This is a significant step forwards in the struggle against this blight; let us hope that it can be capitalised on, especially by Don Beattie and others who have been fighting our corner at the RSGB and undoubtedly have a lot on their plates with the recent turmoil there.

You can read the reports yourself Here. The Register have been one of the first (hopefully of many!) news sites to have broken this story Here.